Beach Favourites
Beach Favourites

Beach Favourites

Except the beach itself, the ocean, the palms and the company, these are other favourites!

Too many things to be excited about when coming to a new place, it feels like everything needs to be tasted and tried at the same time. Too many possibilities so that the choice seem impossible but cant complain about that (sometimes I do:/)!!

A big feeling of appreciation when exploring amazing places with awesome company. Sometimes, have to do something crazy so can say for a fact that its not a dream.

The little things that made this trip even better and gave it more quality was the drink in the coconut (and in the pineapple which will come later:)) which is so much better than in a regular glas. The white kaftan from this place which was awesome to protect the skin a bit with and to wear down to the beach and also when grabbing something to eat. The slip ins, which are new favourites for the moment (you might have noticed that by now;) if don’t, you probably new here, Welcome, really glad you passing by!!)

Love, Julia Linn

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