Energy Boosting
Energy Boosting

Energy Boosting

Energy boosting with Sun, shakes and powerwalks!

Everything from great sleep, breath techniques, power shakes, power walks and so on is on the schedule. This thing about having your own company takes a lot of energy and I feel like I’m back being an athlete if not even more focused now on living healthy.

Its a lot of fun but at the same time pretty exhausting but when finding the balance, its the most amazing feeling. Its comparable to the freedom feeling while traveling which I’m longing for as well but everything have its own time, right?! 😉

Right now I’m into the power shakes from Joe and the juice and checking out their recipes to do it at the office and home as well.

Walks to the office in the sun also gives that extra energy especially in the morning and its nice to wear the spring wardrobe because I’m a bit tired of layers and want it easy and breezy 😉

Love the trenchcoats from this place for the moment which is great to kick in the spring and the fresh nail polish from Isadora, more photos of the look tomorrow!

Love, Julia Linn