Cant remember the last time a magazine gave these great feelings of motivation and inspiration. It was really nice to take a break in the middle of projects to get all captured into this number by Elle UK with all its mood boards, articles and great tips!

At first, just bought it because I love the cover of the cool Winnie Harlow, how gorgeous?! But then started to get more and more captured by it with all its women power and social media questions like how people can feel so lonely while still look so fulfilled on social media. Its just a question of time until we search for more deeper relationships and grow our friendships/relationships to the next level. The ones to go for in according to the magazine is the ones that makes you feel better after seeing them and the ones you can laugh with, definitely agree. But also the ones that you can be your worst with and the best with, the ones that let you shine but also the ones that dare to tell you the truth even if it can hurt.

It was not only the relationship part that caught the attention it was the mood board of the trend, sheer dresses or sheer designs in any kind, combined with the awesome article of feminism which put the mind at an interesting place. But more of this awesome trend in another post.

Taking these words with me:

“Aren’t we all fighting for the right to be, girls, doing whatever the fuck we want”

Love, Julia Linn