Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Olive Oil

I never really dared to try olive oil in the hair and on the body, I have always thought that it would be too thick and that it would never go into the hair nor body. But once I tried it I cant really stop! It`s been so good to first start with a peeling on the body from the body shop and then a light layer of olive oil. When it comes to the hair, I only use it from the middle and down so nothing for the head and not yet for the face.

this was just a little recommendation now when the sun and summer is close and the summer dresses is on and the saltwater is around the corner, which can be good for the hair and skin but also make it really dry.

I feel really ready for the summer, I want it to kick in and I cant wait for those long summer nights to happen and to use the light summer wardrobe.

Love, Julia Linn







  1. A lighter option is coconut oil – I use it as a hair mask every 2 weeks and for my skin if it’s extra dry. I have tried olive oil but find it too heavy and messy for my hair but works wonders for dry feet 🙂

  2. Van Pham

    I never tried olive oil straight up either, I have been using castile soap, which is olive oil based and it works great! Just wondering after you use olive oil on your hair, does it feel greasy after rinsing? that’s the only thing I’m worried about because my hair can get greasy pretty quickly.
    Btw, your hair looks great in that picture:)
    Van from Fashion for Petites

    1. I only use a light layer of olive oil from the middle of the hair to the end and I wash it out with toni and guys products and my results is that it gets soft and shiny but you never know until you tried and go for one with extra virgin 😉 and thank you for sharing!! <3

  3. I use olive oil on my face and it has helped improve my overall moisture levels and impurities. But everyone’s skin, especially on the face,is different. I have also started doing oil pulling and it really helps get the toxins out of the mouth! read about it!

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