Inspired after the trip to Rome!

A collection of favorite places and moments that inspired and gave a lot of new energy, Rome is definitely a city that will be visit again and especially when lack of design inspiration. It was the contrast of old and new, broken and polished, modern time and history, daytime and nighttime, that captured the attention and inspired.

Its one of those cities that becomes better the more its explored and its in the corners and those hidden places that really gives that extra touch to the city.

The colosseum and other fascinating places where a lot of history took place needed to be seen but the visit went fast because too crowded and too stressful. It was those moments, streets, places in-between that was interesting and definitely need to be explored more.

These places were special and favorites:

Area: Trastevere

Icecream: Punto Gelato, Gunther Gelato Italiano

Restaurant: Angelina A Trevi

Coffee: Café Settimiano

Pizzeria: Da Otello In Trastevere

Shopping: Via Borgognona (also a lot of greatness at Via del Corso and Via dei Condotti of course!)

Love, Julia Linn


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