Those magical and inspiring days in Santorini!

Enjoyed really warm, sunny and gorgeous days in Santorini this summer and it was just as good as what pretty much everyone has been saying. It was gorgeous, really had postcard views, friendly people, inspiring places and delicious greek food.

We went there to collect inspiration for a future collection but also to relax and collect new energy. It was a great place to find inspiration in both when it comes to the view but also the interior and exterior.

I have collected my favorite spots and moments in this one and really recommend it (The one thing I didn’t like was the tiny airport with too much people:/), here is my top five:

Five favorites:

Discovering islands around with a katamaran (We booked the boat trip in Fira)

Swimming in the volcano hot springs (Tips: Don’t have a white bikini!)

Relax, have a drink and take a massage on Kamari beach

Enjoy the view with a glas of rose in Fira at Kapari wine restaurant

Enjoy the delicious greek salad and souvlaki in Kamari, Fira and Santorini.

Love, Julia Linn



beach Santorini


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