Snowy Snapshots
Snowy Snapshots

Snowy Snapshots

Snapshots from this snowy weekend!

Getting out of the city during weekends have become one of my favorites, its nice to calm down and breath in some fresh air. Its also a great time to take care of the skin, hair, eat healthy and just collect new energy.

Getting out of the city also makes me appreciate the city more, the pulse, the energy and the people. I definitely one of those that appreciate different kind of places.

Changing environment has always been something essential for me and checking out new places is something I want to keep on doing forever. So right now we are planning a little roadtrip for this summer, do you have any tips?

When going outside the city, I take the time to drink a lot of water but also taking care of the hair and skin. I love this for blonde hair and this one is cool for the skin.

Hope you had a great easter weekend!

Love, Julia Linn