Soft Suiting
Soft Suiting

Soft Suiting

Inspiration from other generations!

To create, a great inspiration source needs to be found preferable several, right? Travel, architecture and little things in everyday life is some of the inspiration that can be used but also great to check out designers in other generation to see their expressions. It can be nice to look back to move forward, to take something from the past and create something new and fresh out of it.

One designer that gives the modern business women a laidback and great look is this one. Love how it looks relaxed, confident and ready to take over the world all at the same.

Definitely looking forward to see more designs like this in the future both on the runway and in stores and also one of the greatest part is that it looks both chic and comfortable at the same time!

Have a great weekend!

Photographs used in the board is from this place.

Love, Julia Linn