Sundays in a messy bun
Sundays in a messy bun

Sundays in a messy bun

A sunday well spent!

The hair is in a low messy bun, lounge clothes are on, a workout and a fresh fruit sallad is done! Definitely prepared for an intensive week now.

A tips which has made me more effective is to have the three upcoming days outfit hanging on three different hangers, then I know that everything is clean and I can focus on getting things done during the days. I also put the hair in an updo during work hours and it can be refreshing with some variation. In this post, its a simple low bun.

Step 1: starting the hair in a low ponytail

Step2: Split them into two parts and then twist them around the hair tie

Step 3: make it stay on place with hairpins

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Love, Julia Linn