Swedish Summer
Swedish Summer

Swedish Summer

Sharing a big post today of all the awesome moments in Sweden and especially from my hometown Stockholm which I more and more start to love. I guess at first you can take it all that you been seeing for a long while for granted but once you stop for a while and really look at what you have you start to appreciate everything around and especially after travels to other spot. As people been saying: “Away is good but home is the best”.

You will find more info about each photo and I hope you will come and visit šŸ˜‰

Sunday Sound:

Walking In The Sun – PANG!

Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth

Show Me Love – Sam Feldt

Love, Julia Linn

From our little trip to Vaxholm, love the details at this place and the food places!


    1. Thank you so much pretty!! and yes sometimes I just take things around for granted but once I stop and really look at achievements and things around, I start to appreciate it, I think that`s important!! Hope you having a fabulous day!! Much <3

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