Workout wednesday
Workout wednesday

Workout wednesday

The little things keeps me going, the big things are a bonus!

It can be a song like the shape of you that motivates me to go to the gym and just work my ass off or a delicious dinner,  afterwards, new shoes or look or just great company to compete with.

Its those little things that motivates me everyday, it can be a caramel macchiato or mingle in a shop on the way home or a new face mask.

The big things will always be a cool bonus in life, like a travel, its not the ones that highlights the life, its the everyday life that should be the highlight. My motto for the moment:

“Create a life you don’t need a vacation from”

Which in my opinion means, create a balance between work and free time, action and relax time. In an everyday life it can be everything from road trips to change work environments and so on, it becomes what we make out of it, right?! 😉

The stuff that motivated me today was a new hair look check out tutorial here and new shoes, up later this week!

Hope you having an awesome day!

Love, Julia Linn