There is always time for celebration!

 Valentine, galentine or whatever as long as we remember to celebrate it, right?! (which in my mind means to appreciate it).

There is so much in life to appreciate, be thankful for and enjoy. Valentines, galentines, christmas, birthdays, new years and so on are just small reminders to celebrate love, life and people around. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a moment to remember how awesome life can be.

Today we celebrated valentines day with a brunch at this place and soon time for a fresh dinner with candle lights. Its in those little things and he knows that, he lighted up the room with candle lights and roses on the bed with a diet coke and chocolate, how adorable!?

The decoration in the photo is from our engagement dinner which my sister did, how awesome?!

Now, more tomorrow, time to enjoy this day!

Much Love, Julia Linn