Energizing Events
Energizing Events

Energizing Events

There is no doubt that events can give a lot of great energy, new contacts and opportunities!

It was inspiring, motivating and a lot of fun at the fashion week in Stockholm last week. Everything from the street styles to the runways and the time inbetween was interesting (but would have loved to see some more happenings around this event though).

The photographs in this post was from the first day and you can check out some more from the fashion week in these posts:

Opening of fashion week

Dailyroutine at fashion week

The third day

Already checking out some other events to get some more inspiration and motivation, below are som that I find interesting: (the other fashion week will be checked out as well ofc;))

Stockholm design week

London design festival

Startup bar

Startup grind


…and some more here!

Love, Julia Linn